Box Gutters

Box Gutters (built-in gutters) serve a special purpose in architectural design of a building. Box gutters are less visible than the standard hanging gutter system. Box gutters are constructed level to the eye using conventional lumber. Changing the depth of the interior trough creates the slope for the water to drain.

If not designed properly, box gutters can create problems for the building owner. When a box gutter leaks, the water normally shows up inside the building. Therefore, careful design and construction must be followed in order for the gutters to perform as intended.

The lining of the box gutter is critical in it’s performance. Non-corrosive metals are preferred in the design such as copper or stainless steel. The use of aluminum or pre-finished metal is discouraged due to the fact that the laps in the metal cannot be joined as needed. Joints in box gutters are normally pop-riveted and soldered to provide a long-lasting seal.

Imbus provides complete re-lining of box gutters with various types of metals. All box gutters are installed per SMACNA guidelines. Imbus also provides repairs to existing box gutters, maintenance, and inspections. We have the capabilities to replace damaged framing along with the complete construction of new framework if needed.

Imbus has performed numerous work on box gutters for churches, historical buildings, homes, and institutions. With our experience, Imbus has built a reputation for its quality and expertise in this type of construction.