Metal Roofs

Imbus installs a variety of metal roof systems. From structural open frame standing seam to architectural roof panels, Imbus has the expertise to perform a quality installation. Imbus also has the capabilities to roll form custom standing seam panels. Imbus uses the ESE roll former to create both a standing seam or batten seam style panel.

A variety of metals are used to meet the owner's/Architect's request. Common metals include both pre-finished aluminum and steel along with copper, lead-coated copper, galvanized, and stainless steel and terne-coated stainless to mention a few.

Imbus has the capabilities to field measure and generate custom length panels to create a continuous panel from eave to ridge. This eliminates the laps in the panels and creates an aesthetically pleasing roof system.

Some of the projects Imbus has performed include, Proctor & Gamble Twin Towers in Cincinnati , Ohio , which utilize a batten seam terne-coated stainless steel roof panel. Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington , Kentucky , has a standing seam copper roof system. Fidelity Investments in Covington , Kentucky has a custom designed 20 oz. lead-coated copper batten seam roof system. This project utilizes a 30” pan width which had to be U.L. tested specifically for this project.

Imbus Roofing is a approved applicator of numerous metal roof systems. Some of which include:

  • Butler Manufaturing
  • Berridge
  • AEP Span
  • Centria
  • MPS
  • Fabral