Shingle Roofs

Shingle roofs are common throughout both residential and the commercial market. Whether it’s a school, residence, or office building, shingle roofs provide both an aesthetic and functional purpose for these buildings.

Shingle roof have progressed tremendously in the past 10-15 years. With the use of new materials and processes, shingles provide a more durable roof system. Also, there are numerous styles of shingles that provide the owner with more choices. Dimensional style shingles have grown in popularity because of the appearance and the durability compared to the conventional 3-tab shingle design. Today, shingles are manufactured to match various steep slope roof systems including slate, tile, and wood shakes. With cost playing a key role, owners have a new option for their buildings.

Imbus offers a wide variety of services dealing with shingle roofs.

  • Removal and disposal of existing shingles.
  • Installation of new shingles along with associated flashings.
  • Roof shingle inspections
  • Leak Inspections
  • Install new penetrations such as skylights, vent pipes, or roof vents.

Imbus focuses primarily on the commercial side of this industry. We have, however, dealt with the residential in special circumstances. Imbus performs work on schools, churches, and municipal buildings throughout the Tri-State area (Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana).